Let these words be the colors i'm just painting my heart. Somali girl, 24 | Sweden | instagram @shussein_

Capturing the memories



My love for a girl I’ve never met. A girl I’ve become so close with, and yet she seems so far away. Opened my heart and wept me tears, to her I’ve shown my embarrassments. I have nothing to hide.

But yet she hides

half a picture I usually only see her eyes.

Little do I know about the girl who once listened  to me. She runs away and hides under a tide. Taking her sunshine.

Its like you smile at everyone

then run across the street

to death and all his friends

let me leave this letter at your door step

may not be a love letter

because I dont know how to write love with only 26 letters.

I could write you 26 letters, but you will never know my love for you through letters.

Written for idle-handss 

written by hoodjab 

tsamthepoet and a last minute poem I wrote for kersti lol